Sunday, November 20, 2011

It’s Sunday, so I’m not shaving, neither wearing make up.

While sipping coffee this morning, I realize that today I don’t have to shave or wear make up. Since I don’t have to interact with nearly anybody, because I’m staying home finishing the cover for one of my books. Then, I remembered the storm that is shaking the m/m writing word, and I thought, huh, maybe I should tell them now. Just in case, I meet any of my cyber pals and he/she notice what Revlon ® Colorstay ™ makeup doesn’t hide, that I do have an evil five o'clock shadow, which never fails to show up. There, I added it to my profile, so nobody complains down the road.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Web, here I come,

Why do a writer need a web space? Never mind. Yes, we do. However, I'm kind of reluctant to share more than my books out there. I started my cyberlife on Tweeter, and to my surprise, it went well. So far, I meet a few interesting folks, even see some very private pictures. I had no idea you can share such  things on Tweeter. I'm digressing again, see? I'd rather go back to what I think I do best, creating characters who get at one another in the most intimate ways.
I'm proud of myself today, because I created my Goodreads account, and posted on a couple of blogs. I even did my first blogging. That's huge, trust me. At least, for me.

I joined Booklikes too 

Also, Unless otherwise credited, all pictures used in this blog and my books covers are from Scarlett Content, provider of Adult Stock photo sets (NSFW link.)