Monday, July 16, 2012


Disappointed by politics and coverups, Father Esteban Hidalgo decides to leave the church, regardless of his conservative family tradition. The real trigger for his decision is losing his best friend, Mauricio, who died of AIDS, and whose last letter stirs forbidden desires, besides asking Esteban to look out for Mauricio’s widower, Javier Lozano.

Without Mauricio's love Javier collapses, and the only thing which keeps him going on is to fulfill Mauricio's last wish. Javier has to personally return twenty years of letters to Mauricio's pen pal and best friend, Esteban. Someone Javier hasn’t meet, but whose voice over the phone, helps Javier cope with his ignorant family that doesn’t even understand the different between being HIV positive and having AIDS. The meeting between Javier and Esteban changes their lives, but standing between them is a lethal virus, Esteban family’ prejudice, a twenty plus age gap, and the memories of the man—both once loved.