Saturday, October 5, 2013

From Don To Dom

This is a short story about three men sharing a common origin, a sexual preference, and a mutual attraction—as powerful as forbidden.

Giancarlo Montefiore is the grandson of a Sicilian immigrant, who rules organized crime in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas. Since childhood, Giancarlo trains to earn the right of replacing his grandfather.

Rodrigo Irizarry is the son of a mob hitman, who is serving a lengthy jail time for crimes he committed under Giancarlo's grandfather's orders. Believing the Montefiore family betrayed his father, Rodrigo dedicates his life to sabotage their businesses and reputation. When Rodrigo and his gang are caught stealing at one of the Montefiore’s casinos, Giancarlo’s henchman wants to kill Rodrigo, but Giancarlo's grandfather requests that he protects him—out of respect for the boy’s father.

So, Giancarlo disciplines Rodrigo by spanking him. His goal is true punishment and humiliation while showing the boy who is the boss. To Giancarlo’s indignation, Rodrigo enjoys the spanking, and dares Giancarlo to go further. Even as he rejects Rodrigo, the incident arouses new cravings in Giancarlo, who offers Rodrigo a new start in life and his friendship.

Braulio Santorno, another young man Giancarlo befriends, is also the son of a mob boss, and is in danger, because his own father puts out a contract on him for being gay. Giancarlo cannot let Braulio die, but neither can he intervene without risking everything. He needs someone who could protect Braulio and take him to a secure location. Somebody who could stand in the way of gunmen, if necessary, but nobody could link to the Montefiore crew.

The man for the job is Rodrigo, but he doesn’t want money, he wants to be Giancarlo’s submissive. The problem is, Rodrigo doesn’t seem to have one submissive cell is his body—he’s rather irreverent and rebellious. And Giancarlo knows little of the BDSM lifestyle, but the more he interacts with Rodrigo the more his dominant side awakens.

All at once, Giancarlo finds himself with two lovers, one who is tender and needs comfort after years of abuse, while the other needs a short leash and a strong hand. The affinity is mutual and the three men start a passionate journey of dominance and submission.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is the Unfinished Liaisons Series about?

Most of us have naughty secrets, crave a forbidden kiss, suffer an unrequited love, or cherish the memories of an illicit affair that would never be told. And somehow, these feelings lead us to a second chance, with the same person or a new one, we finally experience the love yearned for so long.
That is the common theme of the books in the Unfinished Liaisons Series, but every book in the series stand alone, and it’s independent from the others—even though, I might mention the same characters as supporting ones in more than one book. Also, every book has a complete story in it, regardless of its size, because as a reader I don’t like stories that stretch out in a few books, therefore, I’m not doing that as a writer.

The Stories That Has Been Published So Far:

 A Magnetic Couple Dilemma

 From Don To Dom

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another update and also, I’m going to write Raul and Diego’ story.

I’m sorry for not updating this blog often, but I’ve been concentrated in writing, and I didn’t want to post without having any real news to report. Some of the readers of A Magnetic Couple Dilemma had asked for Raul and Diego’ story, which I’ve never planned to write. They were the product of what it’s called secondary character syndrome. Which it’s when one allows secondary characters to do whatever they wish because they don’t have to stand the same judgment as main characters, and don’t need to be redeemed, and sometimes they ended up being more interesting. So, yes, I’m going to write Raul and Diego’ story, indeed I already started. But first, I had to publish the books I had pending for publication since last year, which I plan to release in the next two months. I also, read your reviews and I appreciate the time each of you took to write them, so, I’ve been doing an extra effort to improve my grammar and my writing.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

An update about me

I’m sorry that I haven’t update the blog in a while. Since the last time I updated, a lot happened in my life. It was like a hurricane hit my affairs (indeed, I experienced super storm Sandy).
Anyway, last September, my mother passed away, and while still mourning I had to relocate from the suburbs to the city. It was a move I’ve already planned and I couldn’t postpone, but the house I moved in needed a lot of repairs, which I did myself working countless hours without chance for anything else. Then in October, we got hit with hurricane Sandy, and November and December were very difficult.
So, I'm happy to report that everything is all right now.
I craved being online (I spent weeks without an unlimited Internet connection), just sitting at my desk and writing. This year started well, and I feel my circumstances steady enough for me to continue writing and revising my books.