Sunday, March 10, 2013

An update about me

I’m sorry that I haven’t update the blog in a while. Since the last time I updated, a lot happened in my life. It was like a hurricane hit my affairs (indeed, I experienced super storm Sandy).
Anyway, last September, my mother passed away, and while still mourning I had to relocate from the suburbs to the city. It was a move I’ve already planned and I couldn’t postpone, but the house I moved in needed a lot of repairs, which I did myself working countless hours without chance for anything else. Then in October, we got hit with hurricane Sandy, and November and December were very difficult.
So, I'm happy to report that everything is all right now.
I craved being online (I spent weeks without an unlimited Internet connection), just sitting at my desk and writing. This year started well, and I feel my circumstances steady enough for me to continue writing and revising my books.

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