Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another update and also, I’m going to write Raul and Diego’ story.

I’m sorry for not updating this blog often, but I’ve been concentrated in writing, and I didn’t want to post without having any real news to report. Some of the readers of A Magnetic Couple Dilemma had asked for Raul and Diego’ story, which I’ve never planned to write. They were the product of what it’s called secondary character syndrome. Which it’s when one allows secondary characters to do whatever they wish because they don’t have to stand the same judgment as main characters, and don’t need to be redeemed, and sometimes they ended up being more interesting. So, yes, I’m going to write Raul and Diego’ story, indeed I already started. But first, I had to publish the books I had pending for publication since last year, which I plan to release in the next two months. I also, read your reviews and I appreciate the time each of you took to write them, so, I’ve been doing an extra effort to improve my grammar and my writing.

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