Saturday, August 31, 2013

What is the Unfinished Liaisons Series about?

Most of us have naughty secrets, crave a forbidden kiss, suffer an unrequited love, or cherish the memories of an illicit affair that would never be told. And somehow, these feelings lead us to a second chance, with the same person or a new one, we finally experience the love yearned for so long.
That is the common theme of the books in the Unfinished Liaisons Series, but every book in the series stand alone, and it’s independent from the others—even though, I might mention the same characters as supporting ones in more than one book. Also, every book has a complete story in it, regardless of its size, because as a reader I don’t like stories that stretch out in a few books, therefore, I’m not doing that as a writer.

The Stories That Has Been Published So Far:

 A Magnetic Couple Dilemma

 From Don To Dom