Monday, September 15, 2014

I've been busy writing Raul and Diego's book.

Hi, I'm sorry for taking this long to update this blog, but I don't like to comment about my writing unless there is something concrete to say.

I've been writing Raul and Diego's book during the last year, I don't have a title yet, but as you might know, if you read A Magnetic Couple Dilemma, it's an enemies to lovers themed book. The twice Italian issue will take center stage as well as the birth of the baby.

Feel free to ask anything you want to know, or tell me what you think of any of my stories. I don't update often this blog, but I check it everyday.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, to all of you, who had taken the time to read my books and to share a review about it.




  1. I just re-read Magnetic Couple in the Love is Always Write anthology, and want to know more about Raul and Diego. I'm glad to read that their story is being written.

    Esteban was well portrayed in A Magnetic Couple. He is a priest according to his conscience. I know priests who are fighting the good fight, being pastoral and welcoming to all. Despite the church hierarchy's defense of sex abusers, lobbying against marriage equality, and attempts to hide the money. I also know priests who left to get married. These priests and former priests also live according to their conscience and Esteban does with his chastity. Thank you for the well-drawn character.

  2. Katherine, thank you for taking the time to tell me what you think about the story. I didn’t have enough time to develop A Magnetic Couple Dilemma as I would have liked, so this time with Raul and Diego’s book, I’m doing my best for polishing properly before publishing it. I don’t want to post a deadline, because every time I do that, something happens, but I’m actively working with it right now.
    I’m glad you like Esteban’s portrait.
    Do you know that slowly things are changing in the church, thanks to the new pope? Because Pope Francis has a zero tolerance policy for abuse, right now there is a huge scandal in Spain that started with a victim writing a long letter to Pope Francis and the pope calling the young man to apologize, and ordering the investigation himself. More about it in this link Pope's Phone Call To Sex Abuse Victim Leads To Arrest Of 3 Priests In Spain

    Of course, there are many more pending changes and improvements to be done. Thanks again.